Sunday, February 6, 2011

The New Transportation Plan

This overall plan follows the general trend of transportation planning. It assumes that planning will follow four major categories:
1)   Walking
2)   Bicycling
3)   Small Electric Vehicles
4)   Public Transportation

The basis of the entire system is designed around the pedestrian, because all people become pedestrians at some point, whether from one destination point to another or from a transition of a vehicle to a destination. It, therefore, anticipates that designs must integrate these systems rather than fragment them.

However, it accepts the necessity of various formats to meet the demands of each unique situation within the overall system. Each format can follow a typical pattern which suits the needs of each place. Three basic formats form the essence of the system:
1)   Transit Stop/Hub/Station/Mini-station
2)   Electric Vehicle Charging Station
3)   Electric Vehicle/Bicycle/Scooter/Motorcycle Shop: Shop Now!

Realistically, it makes sense to combine them under the same management to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability. The essential goal is to provide commuters with a variety of options that are safe and comfortable. Public transportation must provide safe and secure weather protection shelters as well as comfortable transportation. Pedestrian convenience as well as safety must be paramount. Buying, renting and charging electric vehicles must be simple and affordable. Bicycle safety and security must be as important as any other vehicle.